Solina Governance

Solina adheres to the regulatory standards in countries in which it is undertaking regulated activities.

Solina’s governance policy is  conducing executive compensation, board accountability, shareholder rights and reporting and disclosure activities with the objectives of aligning shareowners and management interests, avoiding negative financial surprises and reducing reputational risks.

In particular Solina complies with relevant regulations governing the protection of human rights, occupational health and safety, the environment, and the labor, and business practices of the jurisdictions in which any business is conducted.

Solina is also particularly taking care of combating corruption. A zero tolerance policy on corruption is at the heart of our investment selection and due diligence process but is also driving our turnaround and restructuring activities. Solina believes that a project without a solid, transparent and legitimate foundation, is likely to be short-lived and hazardous, especially in the face of a new government hostile to agreements made under prior administrations.

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