Solina Mission & Vision

Solina Global’s Vision:

To be an outstanding solution provider and innovator in energy, water and other industrial projects particularly offshore oil and gas.

Solina Global’s Mission:

To foresee demands, strategically and opportunistically capture opportunities, assess and think clearly, execute effectively and efficiently, constantly and passionately innovate, govern with integrity, reliably deliver tailored results and to always enjoy.

“We are trying to create something quite special and unique with Solina Global. We are taking advantage of market circumstances to build a group through strategic corporate acquisitions, consortium partnerships and expert talent acquisitions that can provide a broad and highly specialized service offering which would otherwise take decades to assemble. Our specialist and innovative technologies distinguish Solina Global. Wherever possible we will seek to provide a one stop solution that directly addresses market needs.”

Lampros Vassiliou Chairman & CEO


Solina Global Operations

Corrosion Protection Surface Treatment Decommissioning Piping Project Management Technology