Solina is currently engaged in cutting edge research and development initiatives

Corrosion Resistance Solution: Mechanically Clad Metallurgical Bonded pipe (“MCMB Pipe”) is a next generation fusion process that uses induction energy to metallurgical bond a liner of CRA such as Inconel 625, 825, or 316L stainless steel to the interior of a carbon steel pipe.

Coating: Solina is investing in hand-held 3 layer coating technology (“PP-3”). PP-3 is a 3 layer low temperature applied thermal epoxy bonded polypropylene coating system specifically designed for extended corrosion and wear protection of field weld joints, bends, fittings and existing line coating repair.

Acquisitions: Solina is actively pursuing the acquisition of two other game changing innovations.

Solina stream to develop and implement new generation technologies to stay on edge and provide the best possible solutions.


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