Solina (Greek"σωλήνα") means tube or pipe.

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Solina Global Corporation (“Solina Global”) was initially established by TEAK ( as the focus of its strategic initiative in the piping arena. Solina Global's initial focus was to develop as a world leading integrated supplier of customized pipes, fittings, value-add piping products and solutions to major industry players across the energy, resources, shipping, industrial and water sectors. To this end Solina Global developed leading capabilities to provide design and engineered solutions, spools and modularized piping systems.

Solina Global's shareholders also mandated it to capture a unique opportunity created by market circumstances to expand by opportunistic corporate acquisitions and additions of service and product offerings and creating a one stop solution for onshore and offshore equipment and services and EPC services. Solina Global has also acquired and is developing innovative cutting edge piping and anti-corrosion coating technologies.

Solina Global has emerged as a private industrial holding company that is engaged in acquisitions or investments in existing piping, coating and EPC operations. Solina Global and its subsidiaries also provide engineering, procurement, construction, management, maintenance and decommissioning services. Solina Global is constantly growing and expanding capabilities.

In 2015 Solina Global acquired 100% of the shares of Primus Processamento de Tubos SA (“Protubo”), located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from IHI Corporation of Japan ( and Dai-Ichi High Frequency Co., Ltd. of Japan (, the year Protubo celebrated its’ 40th year anniversary as a world leader in hot induction pipe bending.

In 2016 Solina Brasil was established to provide local services in Brazil.


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