Solina Decommissioning Services

Solina Global entered into a consortium agreement with global players in order to align its expertise and  services to the Brazilian market, especially for handling the entire decommissioning process.

Solina Global offers complete decommissioning solutions from decommissioning study, overall decommissioning program design, cutting systems with marine and HEV equipment to handling the hazards, contamination and waste resulting from the operations and dismantling yards.

Solina Global together with our partners combines more than 80 years experience in the field providing best in class performances, outstanding results together with high customer satisfaction.

All Expertise are combined for at both Study and Execution Phase ;

1.Project Minimum Cost
2.Minimum Risks in all Aspects  
3.Shortest Execution Duration 
4.Minimum Interfacing 
5.Highest Customer Satisfaction

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Solina Global Operations

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