Solina Project Management

SOLINA's management experience as well as the genesis of the one stop solution concept started in Asia when managing an integrated manufacturers and suppliers of customized pipes, fittings, value-add piping products and solutions to major industry players across the energy, resources and water sectors in Thailand.

Since then SOLINA's expertise platform globally expanded to other O&G industries including but not limited to :

- Piping & fittings manufacturing facilities involving manufacturing, coating, pre-fabrication and fabrication activities enabling a true “One-Stop shop” with significantly reduced lead-times for customers and end-users.

- Medium sized EPCs specialising in the design, engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication, logistics, installation and commissioning of onshore and offshore projects in alliance with governments and the private sector, specifically relating to pipelines, gas processing facilities, platforms and equipment modules

- Shipyards in Latam Europe and Asia with focus on Integration of Hull construction, outfitting and Painting, zone outfitting, outfitting process optimization and advance outfitting.

- Corrosion resistance services globally in high pressure and a high level of corrosiveness offshore and onshore environments

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Solina Global Operations

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